Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Taiwan Driving

(post by Bacon)
A few weeks ago I posted my Taiwan driving video. I thought it would give people a good example of what driving in Taiwan is like. Well, I found an awesome video on YouTube that I think does an even better job. It's called "Taiwan Drift" and it was posted by changster1.


Jason said...

I was hoping you could give me some advice on cars in Taiwan. I will be moving to Taiwan with the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and I have the ability to ship a car from the US for free. However, I own a Toyota Sequoia which I am guessing is way to be to be driving around Taiwan. Can you tell me about buying used cars in Taiwan? Is it more expensive to buy a car in Taiwan vs. the US? Can I find a car that will seat 6?

I'd appreciate any advice you can give.

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